Real Deal Crazy Game Show

By Aleysia McMillan

The Real Deal Crazy Game Show, hosted by New Yorker, Ralph Tetta, represents exactly what the title says. This game included cash prizes for students and mystery box objects, which involved t-shirts, and mystery envelopes that included funny, interactive activities to entertain the audience, such as “do the river dance for $5.00,” and runway walk in a silly outfit for seven. This was a very interactive game show that gave many audience members a chance to win a prize.

The Real Deal Crazy Game show was a trivia based game that included questions relating to history, politics and the up and coming election. Students were chosen at random.

If a student were to get the answer incorrect, they were asked to do a silly stunt for chance to win a different amount of money than the amount spun on the wheel.

The objective of the game was for a student to get the highest amount on the wheel. The big winner would get a chance to spin at the end of the game for a chance to win $50 or $100. The winner of this event was Ferrum College senior, Tori Akers. She walked away with $22 in cash and a new charger adapter worth $25. “I was going to go for the mystery box, but my gut told me to keep the $22 and the charger,” Akers said. After she had made her decision, Tetta revealed what was in the final mystery box and it was the $100 dollar grand prize. When asked if she regretted not choosing the box, Akers said, “no because I could really use the charger for my trip to Africa.”

Director of Career and Leadership and Panther Productions Justin Muse, says that he wants to bring more engagement from the students on campus and turn events like this to an every weekend occurrence for the students. “We don’t want it to feel like a suitcase college,” stated Muse. Panther Productions wants to give students an opportunity to have fun, safe weekends. The ultimate goal for Panther Productions is to build more involvement on campus. Muse stated that this is the “fist step” to student involvement and activities on campus. Muse encourages students to give ideas for weekend events to Panther Productions and to become more involved.

The next event has not yet been stated, but be on the lookout for future weekend activities throughout the year from Panther Productions.

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