Word to the Freshmen

By Aleysia Goodley

Transitioning from top dog in high school back to a measly freshmen in college can be hard for anyone. Adjusting to new people, a new place, and being hours away are all challenging and sometimes scary changes, especially for the ones who have trouble making friends. We are now fully responsible for ourselves, fully and entirely.

But where could we possibly begin? Luckily, students here at Ferrum who have already conformed to college life are willing to help us first semester freshmen out. Junior Carlos Leyva informs us that to have a prosperous year, you will obviously have to do he work your professors assign you.

“Doing your assignments shows you care about your work, when you care, they care,” Leyva said. “Sit in front of the class, and be mindful of the amount of extra activities you involve yourself in.” Leyva also encourages you to be responsible and interactive with your peers.

Second semester freshmen and transfer student Diamond Hudson has tips about making friends. “You can make friends if you join clubs or just speak up if class to the person beside you and make simple conversation. Friends will help you ease into this hectic lifestyle so make them if you can!”

Homesickness can be the toughest thing to deal with when first leaving home. “Talking and texting to your family on a regular basis will help with homesickness,” Hudson said.

Junior Declan Galvin and Senior Andrew Newman agree that getting your assignments in quickly leads to the best scenario for your grades. As for homesickness, Galvin says that he keeps a healthy balance between his own life and communicating with his family. He advises to just go out and enjoy the things Ferrum has to offer.

“About once a week I call my dad, just enough to keep me in contact but still enjoy my timehere,” Galvin said.

Newman and Galvin encourage us to be ourselves, do things that will make you happy, and be proud of who you are.

“Get out of your room,” Galvin said “Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, people have probably done something more stupid and embarrassing than you anyway.”

Now that you’ve gotten some insight on College life 101, be the best you can be, and savor the freedom!

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