Students Elect SGA Officers

By Nia Pettiford

Ferrum students elected 2016-17 class officers as well as senators on Sept. 14.

Newly-elected Freshman Class President Miranda Basden says she has a lot to offer Ferrum, not only being involved in volleyball, but also other activities.

“I wanted to be president because I feel I’m a good leader,” Basden said. “I was a leader in high school and wanted to continue into college. I feel like I’m outgoing and I want to make a difference for the freshman class as much as I can.”

Basden is joined in the freshman class office by Vice-President Shelton Chapman Jr., and Secretary Breonna Hall.

Sophomore President Sean Thomas Trollinger is joined by Vice-President Andrew Mead- ows, and Secretary Alex Dixon.

Trollinger said, “I personally plan to try and get what the students wants. Obviously, we can’t get everything we want here at Ferrum, but I just want to help make everyone’s four or more years here at Ferrum a more positive and memorable experience. Ferrum has a real glow about it, and most students are happy with their decision to be here. So my main goal is to have students maintain that positive happy atmosphere here at Ferrum.

“I really just want to be able help in the best way I can and keep our school as positive as possible, and that’s why I ran for office.”

Ferrum juniors aren’t new to the school or reaching their last hurrah, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as involved as the rest. Junior President Connor Rhodes has been busy coming up with ideas.

“I have some great plans and ideas for this coming year. I really want to bring Ferrum together as a huge family and create a sense of unity. It is important that we all come together and support each other. I hope to leave a positive mark on SGA and also my fellow classmates. For every change that I hope to make will be in the best interest of the student body and Ferrum as a whole.” When asked why he ran for office of president, Rhodes said, “I ran for office because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to join something bigger than myself and I also really wanted to stand up and speak for the unspoken. I wanted to develop a sense of community where everyone was heard. I also ran because I wanted to take on a larger leadership role. One of the most important things that I like hold myself accountable for is leading by example.”

Rhodes is joined by Secretary Peyton Chattin, with no junior vice president elected.

After three great years at Ferrum the senior class knows they want to leave a great final impression. Senior Class President Galdina Prado wants to leave Ferrum with a bang.

“With my new position I hope to make this year the best that my class has seen yet. I hope to make the senior class dance one to remember.” Prado also said, “ I also want to help get our class more involved and excited about the small things that happen around campus. The reason I decided to run for office is because I wanted to make a change. I thought that if there was a possible way to help better the Ferrum College community then why not take it? So here I am. I also wanted to take on a more responsible role and push myself to the best of my abilities because I am not the type of person to give up and I am dedicated to making the college that I’ve come to love a better place for future Ferrum students.” Prado is joined in office by Vice-President Haley Miles and Secretary Codie Parker.

Not only are the four classes represented, but so are the residence halls. The residence halls are represented by senators who speak for all of the residents who reside with them. Bassett Hall is represented by Alexis Venable and Dustin Swaine, Chapman Hall is represented by Terik Brown and Moore Hall is represented by Caitlyn Vaught. Representation isn’t only for resident student, but also for non-resident students. The commuters are represented by Jake Martin.

The SGA meets Tuesdays at 7:15 in Franklin Hall at Student Leadership.

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