Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Price

by Graceanne Gershner

2016 Ferrum graduate Kyle Price talked to “The Iron Blade” about his experience here in school and how he is enjoying his post grad life. Price described his time here at Ferrum as “ok,”. He said, “I made a lot of great friends and met plenty of good people while I was there.” Price claimed he spent a majority of his time partying; it did take a toll on his grades, but said he has no regrets about his decisions. Price jokes, “Its college! You’re supposed to have fun. As long as you get your stuff done you’ll be okay”. He did mention that his favorite part of Ferrum was the professors. Price explained that his professors were very honest with him and were dedicated to him as a student. “It was really cool to see how invested my teachers were in my success. They were so willing to give great references for me and now after graduation they like to stay in touch with me and see how I’m doing.”

After college, Price stayed at home in Luray for a couple of months, where he worked and saved up some money. Then he moved Knoxville, Tennessee with his girlfriend Lacey and her son Kyler. He got a job at a Pilot Datacenter as a network administrator. Price explained that there are 500 stores that his job does business with; he is responsible for making sure that all pilot flying gas stations have their guest Wi-Fi up and running. Part of his job also entails configuring network equipment, troubleshooting any issues, and talking to other techs that are dispatched.

Price told about the joys of being a father. He said, “I spend most of my time now just working and being a parent. I never saw myself being a parent in any sense, especially while I was still in school. I honestly love it though! It is absolutely a huge change and a boatload of responsibility, but I love the little guy and as long as he is happy, I’m happy.”

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