Club Fair


by Precious Leonard Left to right: June Otey, Treasurer, with a double Major in Business and Accounting. Ryan Woods, PR, Major: Sports Management. President Nasheim Bryant with a double in Business. The Black Student Union, or BSU, are determined to uphold their standards for community, spread diversity, and bring everyone together. President Nasheim Bryant said he […]

Alumni Spotlight: Graceanne Gershner


by Kaitlin Roeper The Iron Blade had the chance to catch up with Graceanne Gershner, a 2017 graduate, Delta Phi Epsilon sister, lacrosse goalie, and Art and Communications major. While at Ferrum, Grace managed to keep a 3.6 G.P.A all while being so involved, she considers herself to have had a well-rounded college experience. Since […]

Catching Up With Freshman

by Ashley Dalton Zita Gadia Q: Why did you come to Ferrum? A: I mainly came for wrestling and the beautiful scenery. Q: How do you like your stay so far? A: Everyone has been really nice. I enjoy being here because it is different from back home. Q: What are you looking forward to while you’re staying here? […]

Opinion Piece: Have Courtesy in Campus Dorms at Night

by Ashley Dalton As a freshman on campus, adjusting to the new college life has been a new learning experience. Observing the upperclassmen on campus has given me a guideline as to how I should present myself to the new environment. Doing so, I have also seen how other freshmen are adjusting to the change. I […]