Club Fair

by Precious Leonard


Left to right: June Otey, Treasurer, with a double Major in Business and Accounting. Ryan Woods, PR, Major: Sports Management. President Nasheim Bryant with a double in Business. The Black Student Union, or BSU, are determined to uphold their standards for community, spread diversity, and bring everyone together. President Nasheim Bryant said he wants everyone to have access to having help in growth and development. The BSU accomplish this by allowing everyone to have a voice and be heard. They also connect with other organizations on campus.

2President Isaiah Lucas Major: Computer information and Systems
Improv team president Isaiah Lucas said the group provides “unscripted comedy at its best!” “This is another form of art and expression,” Lucas said. “It brings people together!”





3Left to Right: Fox Yates Major: Musical Theatre and Religion, President Seleste Cowie Major: Theatre Arts (Acting and Directing. MΣX is a Christian Frat missioned to carry out God’s plan and spread love through the community.







4Seniors Gabrielle Reichard and Lauren Shewski-Higgs pose at the KAΣ table. According
to Reichard, they are all about keeping up good grades while maintaining university diversity. They have also won Greek of the year two years in a row. “KAΣ is the rst sorority at Ferrum College, founded in 1996. We are about unity and diverstiy. We put
a strong emphasis on grades and philanthropy in our community and Ferrum College itself. We are all about family, fun, and philanthropy. We try to incorporate that into everything we do. KAΣ is best described as a huge family of both on-campus sis- ters and alumni.”


5Left to right: President Tyler Van Allen, Major Media and Communication. Sweetheart Jose- line Umana Major: Health Science. Vice President Ricky Phillips Major Computer Information Systems. MΣX is a Christian Frat missioned to carry out God’s plan and spread love through the community.

6Junior Leyah Dickman poses with her son. Mentor programs on campus such as Sister for Sister and Brother for Brother insist that you are never alone. They also set the student up for suc- cess. Help Save The Next Girl started after good teamwork helped rescue an abducted woman in 100 days .

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