Opinion Piece: Have Courtesy in Campus Dorms at Night

by Ashley Dalton

As a freshman on campus, adjusting to the new college life has been a new learning experience. Observing the upperclassmen on campus has given me a guideline as to how I should present myself to the new environment. Doing so, I have also seen how other freshmen are adjusting to the change. I have noticed that some Freshmen think they can do whatever they feel like doing because they aren’t home.

My main grievance with this is that some people do not respect how their noise disturbs others. Girls screaming in the halls, guys walking by during the night screaming to get a girl’s attention, and people blaring their music while others are trying to sleep is very inconsiderate.

While I am studying or trying to sleep, I do not care if you are trying to get “hot mamas” or phone numbers at 11 p.m., if you were at home you wouldn’t be acting this way. Just quietly go back to your dorm hall like every other reasonable person on campus. No need to try to act like a fool to be thought of as cool.

I cannot speak for every person on this campus, and maybe some of my complaints were accidental one time occurrences. However, if the disturbance comes at the same time every night that is when it becomes a problem. As part of the freshman class I am embarrassed by these childish actions of others.

If we are going to live on campus peacefully, we each have to compromise in order to get along. We shouldn’t be getting on one another’s nerves this early into the school year.

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