Club Fair


by Precious Leonard Left to right: June Otey, Treasurer, with a double Major in Business and Accounting. Ryan Woods, PR, Major: Sports Management. President Nasheim Bryant with a double in Business. The Black Student Union, or BSU, are determined to uphold their standards for community, spread diversity, and bring everyone together. President Nasheim Bryant said he […]

Alumni Spotlight: Graceanne Gershner


by Kaitlin Roeper The Iron Blade had the chance to catch up with Graceanne Gershner, a 2017 graduate, Delta Phi Epsilon sister, lacrosse goalie, and Art and Communications major. While at Ferrum, Grace managed to keep a 3.6 G.P.A all while being so involved, she considers herself to have had a well-rounded college experience. Since […]

Catching Up With Freshman

by Ashley Dalton Zita Gadia Q: Why did you come to Ferrum? A: I mainly came for wrestling and the beautiful scenery. Q: How do you like your stay so far? A: Everyone has been really nice. I enjoy being here because it is different from back home. Q: What are you looking forward to while you’re staying here? […]

Opinion Piece: Have Courtesy in Campus Dorms at Night

by Ashley Dalton As a freshman on campus, adjusting to the new college life has been a new learning experience. Observing the upperclassmen on campus has given me a guideline as to how I should present myself to the new environment. Doing so, I have also seen how other freshmen are adjusting to the change. I […]

Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Price

by Graceanne Gershner 2016 Ferrum graduate Kyle Price talked to “The Iron Blade” about his experience here in school and how he is enjoying his post grad life. Price described his time here at Ferrum as “ok,”. He said, “I made a lot of great friends and met plenty of good people while I was […]

Beth Dantonio Explains Interpreting Body Language

By Hunter Ferguson The afternoon of Sept. 28 brought Ferrum rain and wind on the outside, but inside of the library’s LEAP room, it brought jokes and interesting messages. English professor Beth Dantonio took about an hour to inform students and faculty about the importance of body language and other non-verbal communication. “Don’t Stand So […]

Real Deal Crazy Game Show

Real Deal Crazy Game Show

By Aleysia McMillan The Real Deal Crazy Game Show, hosted by New Yorker, Ralph Tetta, represents exactly what the title says. This game included cash prizes for students and mystery box objects, which involved t-shirts, and mystery envelopes that included funny, interactive activities to entertain the audience, such as “do the river dance for $5.00,” […]